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Brad Stevens to Boston: Will UCLA Get another Shot at the New Celtics Coach Just Like Pitino Circa 2001?

Brad Stevens is headed to Boston Celtics. Will UCLA get another shot at the new Celtics coach like they did last time Celtics hired a coaching super star from the college ranks - Rick Pitino?

Sooo if you guys toss Chianti out in next 2 years ... and I am all bored with the NBA ...
Sooo if you guys toss Chianti out in next 2 years ... and I am all bored with the NBA ...

Well looky here ladies and gentlemen. Brad Stevens is no longer the head coach at Butler:

The Boston Celtics have hired Butler's Brad Stevens as head coach.

The team and the university made the announcement Wednesday afternoon.

Stevens has spent the last six years as the head coach of Butler, twice leading the Bulldogs to the NCAA championship game.

Stevens replaces Doc Rivers, who was acquired by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Well, so much for all that story of Stevens being at Butler for a long long time. This just underscores the point that if UCLA had a competent leader who would have put together a compelling package for Coach Stevens, Bruins would have had a serious shot at Stevens. This also pretty much confirms how Guerrero royally f**ked up a hiring process (something he should have been ready for over a year) and then got rewarded by a tonedeaf, clueless, arrogant Chancellor with a huge pay raise before heading out to chug vine in Italy.

There is another angle to this. Last time the Celtics hired a college coaching super star - Rick Pitino - he didn't do all that well. And, when Pitino was looking to get out of Boston, he got interested in UCLA, before another incompetent AD from UCLA - Peter Dalis - screwed it all up.

So that goes to the point of we need to get Chianti out of Westwood as soon as possible. The way it's going for Steve Alford, who hasn't reeled in a single high profile recruit since taking over and generally has been a total disaster as an underwhelming but grossly overpaid hire, Bruins could be in the market for a new coach in 2 to 3 years. What if Stevens look to get back in the college game in 3 years?

So the next time UCLA has another shot at getting Stevens (in case this Celtics gig doesn't work out), Bruins don't F it up because of the total incompetence of a chianti guzzling clown. More reasons for us to intensify our effort to speak out re. Chianti's incompetence, not just with words but also with our pocketbook. Make a donation right now and support the ongoing efforts to get the word out on Chianti.