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UCLA Beats Colorado 69 to 56

Norman Powell's play begs the question: Why is Bryce taking minutes from Powell?

Norman Powell did it all.
Norman Powell did it all.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The first half was scary for the Bruins despite winning 36-29.  The value of Kyle has never been more obvious. While sitting with two fouls for three consecutive possessions the Bruins' offense was stagnant and only got a shot off because the shot clock was about to expire.  But something strange happen:  Colorado dared Junior Norman Powell to shoot threes and he hit two in a row.  Norman had 13 of UCLA's 36 first half points and was the reason UCLA won the half.

The second time Kyle went out the game, it became half court.  But UCLA was able to score with some individual effort, although, it was not pretty.    A few other first half notes: Travis Wear was passing (!!) well and Tony Parker had a Parker first half.  By that I mean he had a nice block, drew a charge, and some nice offensive plays but he also was slow getting back and dominated on the offense boards by Colorado's bigs who missed some bunnies.

The second half was slow paced with UCLA playing good D combined with Colorado's offense being inept.  The SPTR were hometown calling some questionable fouls but UCLA still had a 12 point lead (58-46) with over 4 left.  This effort included holding Colorado without a bucket for 8 minutes.  An interesting development was noted by Matt.G: Jordan Adams has become the glue guy.  He was rebounding (had 13) , tipping passes, drawing fouls.  He shot like crap but he was a key in the second half.

But the player of the game was Norman Powell.  .  His offense won the first half.  His defense was a key in the second half.  Yes, he missed two late free throws but otherwise was perfect.   And for those who say he should be getting minutes over Bryce, Bryce was 0-7.

Thanks Norman.

Go Bruins.