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#DaddyBall: Steve Alford Projects Bryce Alford as a “Big Scorer” & a Top-5 Pac-12 Point Guard

Steve Alford continues to gush about his son who shouldn’t be nothing more than a role player at the expense of Zach LaVine – one of the best freshman guards in the country.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Steve Alford has no shame. After his son got exposed in the latest road-trip, he continued to equate his son with one of the best freshman shooting guards in America.

Watch and listen to Alford's comments from this week's press conference. His comments about Balford starts around 7:20 mark of this video (via

Alford makes it very clear that he thinks his son is at the same level as freshman sensation Zach LaVine. He talks about how both LaVine and Balford are not "typical bench guys," who have had "big scoring nights." He then called Balford a top-5 Pac-12 point guard referring to his assist to TO ratio.

Alford also makes it clear that he has big plans for his son as he thinks that his "tough" and "confident" kid will "evolve" into a "big scorer" and has a "chance to be a really good leader."

So much for the Bruins getting an elite PG in next three seasons. The Alfords are intent on completely destroying the foundation of UCLA basketball program.