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More Trouble For Tom Crean - Steve Alford to Indiana?

Tom Crean's Indiana is out of control. Time for a local hero to come in and save the day.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret these days that Tom Crean is feeling the heat at Indiana. After his most recent 15 loss season which his team cratered to 8th place in the Big Ten, Crean was going to have to come up with a big year to satisfy the boosters in Bloomington.

That task just became more difficult with Crean announcing four game suspensions for two of his players for failed drug tests according to ESPN. Four games doesn’t sound like a big deal, but that’s just icing on the sad, sorry offseason cake for the Hoosiers:

The timing by Williams and Robinson could not be worse because Indiana was already recovering from another off-court crisis. Early Saturday morning, freshman Emmit Holt was cited for illegal consumption of alcohol and for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol after a car accident that injured teammate Devin Davis. Holt struck Davis with his car, leaving the sophomore forward in serious condition with a head injury.

Throw in Hanner Mosquera-Perea's OWI arrest in mid-February and citations for under-aged consumption of alcohol for Robinson and Yogi Ferrell two months later, and that's four incidents this calendar year involving drugs or alcohol.

When stories like these started trickling out of Ben Howland’s program, it was just a sign that the program itself was getting away from the head coach. Considering that, for the most part, the incidents above are more serious in nature than those alleged under Howland, it’s no wonder that neutral observers are wondering what the hell is going on with Crean’s program.

Indiana has a lot of pride, to the point where last year though they were invited to postseason play, they decided instead to call the year quits rather than drag themselves out through some meaningless rinkadink tournament.

Clearly the current Indiana administration doesn’t have their priorities straight. Might I suggest that the Hoosiers look up a man that knows what Hoosier Basketball is all about? A former player perhaps, who can bring to campus a culture of permissiveness, is a "player's coach", and displays steadfast loyalty and support for his players through the tough times (on and off the court). They need a coach that can finish in the upper half of an elite powerhouse conference like the Pac 12 and maybe even pull off a huge (HUGE) win against world beaters like Arizona. They need a man that knows a thing or two about hanging conference tournament championship banners and getting to Sweet 16's.

The man they’re looking for is Steve Alford. This offseason would be the perfect time to make a play for the coach who can right the ship in Bloomington.

We’ll even throw in a point guard for free.