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Clueless ESPN Blowhard Dick Vitale Sounds Ignorant About UCLA Basketball

It comes as a surprise to no one that a guy who hasn't coached a basketball game in 35 years sounds like the ignorant buffoon we all know he is when talking about UCLA's lifeless, joyless basketball program, led by Steve Alford.

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There are some things that are certain about life:  death, taxes, and Dickie V. sounding like a clueless buffoon on national television.  After all this is the same ESPN blowhard who once told us the following (while UCLA's program was in the final death spiral of Howland's tenure):

Dickie V Stupid

Yeah, how did that work out again?  So, when we heard that Duke's biggest ESPN shill was calling yesterday's game at Pauley Pavilion, we fully expected some classic vapid, ignorant comments from a ESPN blowhard who hasn't actually coached a basketball game in 35 years.  And of course, "Dickie V." didn't disappoint, lambasting UCLA fans who decided not to waste their time or money on watching a joke basketball program led by a morally bankrupt head coach who is not just a mediocre basketball coach, but is a insufferable douchebag off the court.

If you didn't catch the game, Dick Vitale made some comments about the empty seats at Pauley Pavilion in a marquee match-up against Gonzaga on national television:

And not to let those comments on national television go alone, Dick followed up with this gem on Twitter:

Let me break this down for you Dick - there are a lot of empty seats because our head coach is, well, mediocre.  And that's being polite.  This guy is not a big-time head coach - but because our athletic director is a clueless, lazy, moronic tool (with no prior experience running a big-time college athletics department - Dominguez Hills and Irvine?  LOLOLOL), we have a basketball coach who is not only a failure on the court, but a failure as a human being off the court - how many times do you see the academic faculty get up in arms over a hire?  Oh yeah, not that often - since most college basketball coaches aren't unrepentant begrudgingly repentant (through a canned, lame PR-hack-written "apology" following a firestorm of controversy, ten years after the actual incident in question) rape apologist.

You see, Dick, it's not just the mediocre basketball play (that doesn't help, for sure), but it's that people just don't like Steve Alford.  He's a terrible human being.  And even if you take away the whole Pierre Pierce controversy, there's the small problem of mediocre on-the-court results and the blatant nepotism in starting his own son - a kid with zero Division I scholarship offers by schools not coached by his dad - at PG for UCLA (and BTW Dick - it's comical when you talk about how Bryce "can flat out play").  This isn't Little League - this is big-time college basketball at one of the game's biggest traditional powers.  Yet, our coach is pulling the oldest play out of the Little League coaches' playbook - play your kid, to hell with the team.

So yeah, Dick, people don't want to spend their hard-earned money on this mediocre shit-show put on by this Steve "A**hole" Alford.  People don't want to watch the program that was once coached by the classiest man in sports - the great Coach John Wooden - get tarnished by an insufferable d'bag who is the opposite of everything Wooden stood for.

So, Dick, why don't you slink back to Bristol and keep your opinions about our university, our fan base, and our basketball program to yourself and your other ESPN blowhard, clueless "analysts" because, honestly Dick - you're just embarrassing yourself at this point.