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WATCH: UCLA Basketball Coach Steve Alford, Bryce Alford and Kevon Looney Speak to the Media

Watch Alford try to justify this loss.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After the massacre today, both Alfords and Kevon Looney spoke to the media.  While Looney didn't appear to really want to be there (body language!) Alford and Son answered the questions with not interesting responses and a few excuses.

Thanks to Jack Wang of the Daily News for the video.

Here are some lowlights:

  • Bryce was asked "Why do you (the team) start games so slow?" - he didn't know, and gave some coach speak about focusing, not being tentative, and they need to be aggressive right out of the gate.
    (Sadly, it seems like only the younger Alford is allowed to be aggressive as he shoots without worrying about being pulled for taking an ill-advised shot, but hey, someone had to do it in their mind.)
  • When UCLA called it's first TO at the 16-0 point, Alford was asked what he said to the team. He didn't answer the question, because really, what could be said, but went off on a spiel where he brought up his long coaching career and that Kentucky is one of the best teams he's ever coached against.  He also started going into full excuse mode, as he brought up North Carolina, Kentucky and Gonzaga were all ranked in the top 10 when UCLA played them and this team is full of inexperience after losing three guys in the draft and only one returning starter.  Oh and he also claimed it's not an excuse.  But hey, they calmed down in the second half. (They still got beat in the second half.)
  • By the way, you all have to be patient.  They're going to be patient. (Maybe 7 more years of patient.)
  • Kevon Looney thought it was an experience to play guys 6'11" or taller, and he wouldn't mind doing it again. Alford doesn't share his enthusiasm.  (We get them home and home the next two years!)
  • Bryce called himself, Norman Powell, and Kevon Looney the leaders in the locker room and they had to keep their spirits up and come out better in the second half.   (Or hope that Kentucky eases off the gas pedal a bit.)
  • Alford brought up Coach Knight, and that Kentucky is right now playing out Knight's dreams of having 10 quality players he can line change in and out. Coach Knight, Coach Knight, Coach Knight. He can't go two press conferences without bringing up Coach Knight.
  • Kentucky plays really good defense. Sure, you can stop them and they'll put up only 50 points, but you'll score only 35. (Or as I call it, classic Howland basketball.)
  • Alford won't use this game much as a teaching tool because you have to have confidence going forward. We don't learn from any mistakes at UCLA, and Kentucky is just too good. (We're also that bad against non cupcakes.)
  • Alford dared to say UCLA has to get better defensively. Last time we checked, he was the head coach and in charge of improving them on defense. He even dared to say that three ranked opponents will exploit their weaknesses on defense, and it hasn't been exposed in our other games. What. A. Shock.
  • The rest of the questions were if Kentucky can make a run at being undefeated, and he says that he thinks it can happen. They're really good. Especially on defense.
We're not. In any area.

What a sh*tshow.