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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - The UCLA Basketball Beatdown by Kentucky Twitter Aftermath


David Banks/Getty Images

We played Kentucky.

(hands over eyes in case the emoji doesn't come through.)

It's bad when Bill Plaschke is calling you out:

No one would pick us in that game.


I've got a highlight for you! Oh wait...

Call in James Franco and Seth Rogen!

We took our beatdown like all the other sacrificial lambs, but I've seen 16 seeds put up a better fight. They at least scored more points in the first half.

We hate Seth Davis around here, but he sent this out at halftime, and he wasn't wrong:

Kevin McDermott - he gets it.

Everyone had a bad day yesterday:


Well, someone is optimistic.

Wish we could be with you there Miguel, but we're still covering this season until the end:

Because we have to deal with fantastic stuff like this: