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UCLA Basketball: Steve Alford’s Clownshow Gets Freakier with another Academic Casualty

Another player from Dan Guerrero and Steve Alford’s train-wreck UCLA program becomes academically ineligible.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The jokes write themselves:

There is a fanshot up already on this but it's a big enough news that it deserves it's own frontpage post. Just when you though Steve Alford's clownshow couldn't get any freakier in Westwood, we get news like this.

As islandbruin2 pointed out in the comment thread of Chris's fanshot this news is not much of a surprise because Bail came into Westwood with major academic issues at that Ivy League program from Texas - Texas Tech. But it didn't prevent from Morgan Center and Alford sychophants on message boards promoting Bail as some kind of legit recruit when Alford picked him up upon his arrival in Westwood.

UCLA basketball is a clownshow of epic proportions. Steve Alford has made a mockery out of Coach Wooden's legacy by crashing and burning this program by building it around his son. He has tried to build this program around his son by bringing in players with academic baggage, and with questionable past.

Sadly there is no relief in sight as things will only get worse. The only way things will get better for UCLA basketball is if the alums, donors and students wake up, and demand immediate removal of an incompetent athletic director, who is solely responsible for killing Coach Wooden's program.