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Nepotism at UCLA? No Apology (or Humility) from the Alfords

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Steve Alford makes no excuses for the obscene amount of playing time he is giving to his son at the expense of a projected NBA first round pick (LaVine) and also the most talented athlete in the team (Powell).

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

In the OC Register today (related to a topic we have been discussing here on BN):

The pressure will always be there, from those who don't think he deserves the 22.5 minutes per game that his dad, UCLA's coach, has given him this season. He also knows, after Kyle Anderson declares for the NBA Draftfollowing this season, that he'll be the only true point guard on the Bruins' roster.

Then, with his dad watching, he says he'll be ready to shine in an even brighter spotlight.

"My dad has trusted me from the beginning," Bryce said. "I'm going to be here for four years, so he's preparing me for the long haul. ... To be playing the amount I am and being a point guard, a vocal leader, that's tough.

"For him to put me out there, it means a lot."