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Is Tom Crean in Trouble in Indiana? Will the Hoosiers Pursue Steve Alford?

Oh please please please.


Something is brewing in Indiana.  In case you haven't noticed, the Hoosiers haven't been top 25 material this season.

Their record?  14-9, and only 4-7 in the Big 10, for a solid 8th place.  Their latest claim to fame? They lost tonight to Penn State, who has an equally terrible record in the Big 10 of 4-8.  Indiana had an 11 point lead with 3:19 to go, but only scored 2 points the remainder of the game.  By the way, this game was IN Bloomington.  Assembly Hall was stunned.

The fanbase is restless.  Indiana has a basketball tradition they want to uphold, although it's looking bleak for a tournament run this season.  Even Jeff Goodman, now at ESPN, agrees:

After three winning seasons, Indiana broke out under Crean with a winning season 2011-2012, and a second straight Sweet 16 appearance in 2012-2013, things were looking bright for Indiana.  Until this season started, and the patience is already wearing thin in Bloomington.  Check out Tom Crean's wiki page from LAST NIGHT:


In case you cannot read that last line, it says "The Movement led to a Sweet Sixteen appearance in the NCAA tournament.  IU commemorated the 2 appearances with banners and rings, which is rare for a program with multiple national titles, but that is what IU basketball has come to under Crean, celebrate mediocrity.

Sounds like trouble.

After tonight's loss, the wiki elves that can see the future got right back to work and updated his wiki to say:


In case you cannot see this, it says: "The following season in 2013-2014, Crean continues to be out-coached all season long and misses the NCAA tournament. With a disappointing start to the 2014-2015 BIG TEN season, Tom Crean decides to resign sighting family reasons. Indiana fans everywhere rejoice."

Indiana fans, let us rejoice with you.  We have the perfect replacement for you.

His name is Steve Alford.

He will tick all the boxes in your coaching search, mainly in that he played high school basketball in the state of Indiana, he's currently coaching at a big program, so he understands pressure, he's an alum to top it off, he is a disciple of the revered Bobby Knight, and he has the luscious hair that you are all looking for in your next coach, as we know Tom Crean's hair is not television ready.  He'll even bring a point guard with him.

So what if this is Crean's first down season after two good seasons? Indiana wants only the best.

The best Indiana can hope for is ready.  Can Alford fall upward into his dream job?

Yes he can.