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UCLA 67 Oregon State 71: Bruin Again Lose the "Easier" Road Game

Instant recap of a poorly coached UCLA basketball program's 67-71 road loss to a bad Oregon State team.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA missed a chance to lock second place in the PAC 12 and be one game behind Arizona as for the second time this season they lost to the lesser team on a road trip.

UCLA won the first half 31-29 against the Beavers in another not very pretty effort as UCLA went all zone on D.  The Wears scored UCLA's first 8 points to take UCLA to an 8-6 lead.  UCLA upped that lead to 11 on the strength of Kyle Anderson's 9 points and two threes by Bryce Alford.  Bryce played smart in looking for the three like a shooting guard instead of driving to the hoop as an out-of-control point guard.

The reason UCLA was not winning bigger at halftime was the play of Jordan Adams and Zach LaVine.  The pair where a combined 0-11 and had 5 of UCLA's 7 turnovers.  As UCLALUV mentioned Jordan was pressing and Zach was so rattled he passed up an open corner three.  UCLA shot 58% outside of Adams and LaVine.

The second half was also about Bryce.  Bryce brought UCLA back with his chin, literally.  He took a technical foul to the chin that gave UCLA a 6 point run to retake the lead and bring momentum back.  Jordan Adams got his first points and LaVine scored on the next play on a layup.

But then Bryce the point guard keyed an OSU run with the ugliest turnover I have seen in a while when trapped he threw a wild pass that actually hit the backboard.  UCLA's offense without Kyle on the floor is, well, offensive.  The Beavers were off and running and took a lead as Steve insisted that Bryce stay as point guard even with Kyle back in.

Eventually UCLA rallied back the lasp gasp failed.  Jordan Adams charged with the chance to tie and then Anderson missed a free throw.  UCLA lost 67-71 to miss another opportunity.