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Badly Outcoached Steve Alford Throws His Players Under the Bus

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After getting thoroughly out-coached by one of the worst coaches in a mediocre Pac-12 conference, Steve Alford wasted no time in throwing UCLA players under the bus.

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In his first year at UCLA Steve Alford hasn't won a single game against an elite opponent. He hasn't won any game of significance coming up empty in all the marquee games on our schedule. His team started with a record of 8-0 taking on some cupcake teams that were lined up by Dan Guerrero and Ben Howland. Since then his team has been inconsistent by stumbling through 9-5 record in recent weeks.

The Bruins put on maybe their worst showing of the season to date by humiliating themselves against a very bad Oregon State team in Corvallis this morning. Instead of calling it a team-loss Alford chewed out his players after the game:


"Didn't deserve to win."

"Didn't care one iota."

Alford loudly admonished the Bruins, saying they appeared to be "satisfied" with getting the victory at Oregon on Thursday and compared it to the Bruins' last trip, when they lost to Utah after beating Colorado.

And then he threw them under the bus:

"I thought the last two days, we did what we needed to do ... in getting ready for this game," Alford said. "We had a vast majority of guys not play with the energy and enthusiasm and passion that we've got to have."

Looks like Salford doesn't have problem going after any of his players unless the player happen to be his son. Also, noted by Jack Wang:

to top it all off, coach Steve Alford had an extra day to prepare heading into an 11:30 a.m. Sunday tipoff.

Nice work there Steve. You didn't have anything to do with your players looking confused, uninterested while they were getting torched in your sorry zone defense all game long.

Guerrero's $18 million dollar freak show continues next weekend when Alford's mediocre program looks to regain momentum against another awful Pac-12 program - Just$C.

Sad times in Westwood.