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UCLA #DaddyBall: Is Bryce Alford as Good as Kyle Anderson for Steve Alford?

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Steve Alford thinks Bryce Alford is just as good as Kyle Anderson in bringing the ball up the court.

Steve Alford thinks his son Bryce Alford is as good as Pac-12 MVP Kyle Anderson in bringing the ball up the court. He doesn't see much difference between them as he seems to think his son can seamlessly fill in for Anderson at the point guard spot. His rationale for playing his son at the 1 spot was that he can package Balford with Kyle at 4. In Steve Alford's world it's fine for the Bruins to sacrifice Kyle's playmaking ability from the PG spot as long as his son can bring the ball up the court.

He also dismissed any concern about Bruin's horrendous three point defense. I lost any interest in listening to his spin after that. If he said anything that made sense - you can share in the comment thread.