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UCLA Basketball After the Pullman Debacle: Alford’s Top-Assistant Tweets About “Great Weather”

The day after a historic, humiliating defeat in Pullman Steve Alford’s top assistant tweets shamelessly about enjoying "great weather.'

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Steve Alford's top assistant David Grace is a piece of work.

Alford hired Grace from that Pac-12 powerhouse - Oregon State coached by Barack Obama's brother-in-law. The guy has brought in Kevan Looney but has embarrassingly struck out on all of our pg recruiting targets such as Jordan Mclaughlin, Josh Perkins and Quentin Snider.

Last week chrissorr blogged that Grace just 10 months into his UCLA position is already publicly campaigning for a  head-coaching job. It looks like this mediocre loser is not bothered at all by the humiliating debacle in Pullman. Here is his tweet the day after Alford, Grace and the whole team embarrassed the four letters:

Just another example of how Guerrero and Alford are killing the UCLA basketball program.