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2014 NCAA Tournament: UCLA Gets a Date With Tulsa - Again: Florida Looms [Update]

UCLA is taking on Tulsa Hurricanes once again in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully the history will not repeat itself again in the first round. UPDATE: Game time 6:57 PT.

Ethan Miller

And here we go. It is official. UCLA is no 4 seed and we are heading to the South -- to take on Tulsa Hurricanes. Tulsa is the same program that shocked the Bruins back in 1994 - when they ran Ed O'Bannon, Tyus Edney and rest of the Bruins off the court. I imagine Tyus will have something to say about that experience to rest of the team.

UCLA's placement in the South is interesting as we are once again in Florida's bracket -- the overall no. 1 seed in the entire tournament. Two other Pac-12 programs - Stanford and Colorado - are also in our region.

Lot more to come. Use this thread to discuss our matchup with Tulsa and everything else in the South.


UPDATE:  UCLA will play at 6:57 PT on TruTV (HT IslandBruin2).