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No Oscars Tonight, But Adams leads UCLA to a 74-69 Win Over OSU

UCLA beats Oregon on a Seemingly Listless Senior Night

Jordan Adams big Second Half Led to a UCLA Victory
Jordan Adams big Second Half Led to a UCLA Victory
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It was Senior Night but seemingly few cared.  As the thread was dead and the crowd was disinterested until the second half.  As Bryanucla wrote:

It is sad to witness what has become of Senior Night. Our graduating players used to receive enthusiastic standing ovations for representing our university. Ed O'Bannon memorably kissed the court and headed off triumphantly to deafening cheers. Three years ago, Tyler Trapani brought down a crowded house with his bank shot in the Bruins' demolition of Arizona. Now, after well over one hundred million dollars in misguided renovations and one of the most obscene coaching contracts in college sports, our seniors play their final home game in a quiet gym peppered with lackluster fans. Tonight is a disappointing tribute to our departing players and a damning reflection on the administration.

In the first half, Oregon State looked more athletic and certainly out hustled UCLA often beating them to the spot.  However, Oregon State Craig Robinson remains in the running for the worst coach in the PAC 12 and his team did not know how to pass the ball against pressure with their turnovers keeping UCLA in the first half.  I guess the best symbol of the first half was Jordan Adams and Bryce Alford both had steals that ended in blocked shots as they tried to drive on the more athletic/hustling Beavers.  The Beavers ended up 9 in the first half despite 10 points for Kyle and a nice seven from Zach.

In the second half a veteran took over for UCLA; the one most likely to come back.  Jordan Adams scored 19 in the second half as even the hustle of the Beavers could not uncover the incompetence of Robinson bizarre substitution patterns and poor coaching against UCLA's token press. UCLA made steals and forced 16 turnovers.  Hallice Cook who had a career high against the Bruins last time, went 1-11 at Pauley.  Travis Wear did not have a good game for the Bruins but was diving all over the floor and left no doubt of his desire.  The last good stat is all UCLA starters had at least 2 assists with Kyle leading the way with 5 and 9 rebounds.

The game ended with Aubrey Williams in for his last game and the student section chanting "one more year " for Kyle Anderson.  It seemed like much of the rest of the crowd would rather follow the Oscars on their phones.

UCLA avenges the worst lost of the season to OSU but it was not the game or reaction that it should have been.

Go Bruins.