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UCLA Basketball Notes: The End of Alford’s First Irrelevant Season in Westwood

News and notes from Steve Alford’s irrelevant basketball program.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana high school super-hero Steve Alford will finish out his first regular season in Westwood by leading his irrelevant UCLA basketball team against the worst team in PAthetiC-12 conference.  Bruins will take their inflated (23-7,12-5 in the Pac-12) record built in a mid-major schedule into Pullman against a program that quit on their season and a lame-duck coach a while ago.

The Cougars (9-20, 2-15 in the Pac-12) are a sad bunch. They are coming off a loss on their home-court against Southern Cal (lol). Here are some of their sorry statlines from ESPN (on offense):


And here are the defensive stats:


Ouch. Cougar fans gave up on their season a while ago and are going through their motions. Maybe Bill Moos will look longingly at Alford tonight and plot him to take away from UCLA? After all our HooiserDaddy maybe a better for a small college town like Pullman than the bright lights in West LA.  Sorry - can you blame us for dreaming just a little?

There is no point of doing a preview for this game. It should be a cakewalk for the Bruins no matter how sleepy they are in the first half.

If Alford was a competent coach the Bruins would be ranked somewhere in the top-15, still in the conference championship contention and poised to make a run for a protected seed in the West. Instead here we are counting the years till the Alford nightmare is over.

According to the official site's notes (which identifies Balford as a "freshman force") the tip-off for this snoozer is scheduled for 8 pm PST on FS1.