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Final-4 Without UCLA: Connecticut-Florida, Kentucky-Wisconsin TV Schedule, Open Thread

Open thread tracking live action of 2014 Final-4 games in Arlington, Texas.

Stephen Dunn

The Final-4 tips off in about half an hour. It's something UCLA will most likely never experience as long as Steve Alford is the coach of the program. Alford is out there talking up his Pac-12 tournament championship and "run" to the Steve-16 these days. Alford is really reveling in beating up tomato cans in the Big Dance. He needs to because this will probably as good as it gets with Bryce Alford leading the point for next 3 years in Westwood.

Back to the Final-4. The tip-off between Connecticut and Florida is around 3:09 pm PST. That game will be followed by Kentucky and Wisconsin, which is tentatively scheduled for 5:49 pm PST.  Both games will be on TBS.

Both games should be fun to watch if you are into enjoying solid team-defense (Florida and Wisconsin), great point-guards (Connecticut and Florida), serious young talent (Kentucky) and team-fundamentals (Florida and Wisconsin). We are not going to get much of that from the home team in Westwood in next few years. Enjoy.

Go Bruins!!