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UCLA Basketball - Zach LaVine: I Had A Frustrating Season

Zach LaVine says he didn't see eye-to-eye with the coach, plus other news from the NBA Combine.

Ethan Miller

That truce didn't last long. Zach LaVine is starting to dish on his relationship with Alford.


Zach has impressed thus far.

Here's a short interview with Zach from the Combine. He clearly sees himself as a point guard.

Makes you wonder.  Why didn't he get a shot at backing up opposed to the guy related to the coach?

In other Bruin news from the Draft Combine, Kyle Anderson dropped out due to an injury:

In a shocking measurement, Jordan Adams is only 6'3 1/2".  ESPN writes that reporting the true height measurements is always interesting and one of the most highly anticipated stats from the Combine.

Click here to follow the Draft Combine results, and, of course, stay tuned to BN!

Update Friday Morning:  More buzz on LaVine here and here and here.  The theme I'm picking up is that Zach was always a point guard,  Alford inexplicably didn't use him there, another season at UCLA would have been a waste, and now Zach is determined to prove he can play PG at the next level,  So far, so good for Zach.