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UCLA Basketball: Will David Grace & Ben Howland Get Calls from Oregon State?

Oregon State is in the market for a new basketball coach and two current and former Bruin coaches may get involved with the search.

Kirby Lee - USA Today Sports

Oregon State is in the market for a new basketball coach.  As noted by avtwvi the BILOTUS has been relieved of his duties at Oregon State.  The Beavers are now looking and their search may involve a current and former UCLA basketball coach.

We can assume that David Grace, Steve Alford's lead-assistant has already camped out somewhere in Corvallis for an interview. He appeared to be campaigning for a head-coaching job during the season and at one point of the season looked to so checked out that he was tweeting about enjoying the "great weather" (after a terrible loss). Looks like one of his former players is already talking him up:

There is also Ben Howland, who has been getting bypassed by everyone else ranging from Wake Forest to Marquette. Gary Parrish from thinks "common sense suggests" that Howland should be involved in this coaching search. Unfortunately for Howland his name is missing in the Oregonian's list of possible candidates.

We should keep an eye on Corvallis. If the Beavers are smart they'd hire someone like Howland. Parrish went overboard in his promotion of Howland, in the CBS article, but we think Ben will do well with his brand of basketball at a program like Oregon State.

Grace has not done much since he has arrived in Westwood. If he lands the job in Corvallis, maybe it will give Steve Alford a chance to somewhat start fresh and hire a credible assistant with real connections to Southern California's recruiting scene.

Don't hold your breath.