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Bruin (Hoops) Bites: Q&A with Darren Collison, Derboghosian & More

Darren Collison opts out of his contract with the Clippers, Sooren Derboghosian transfers, and the AD auctions playtime at Pauley to the highest bidder.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Collison just had a Q&A session with Jack Wang. After playing with four teams in four seasons, Collison is opting out of his contract with the Clippers, but his intention is to return, trying to get a bump on the $1.9 million in his current contract. However, the most interesting comments from the interview:

Have you met Steve Alford yet? You know what? I’ve met all the assistant coaches, but (not) him. I’m going to try and link up with him this summer hopefully. Just try and pick at his brain. He seems like a good guy. He seems like (he has) the personality to coach that team. Take the team where it needs to be. I’m excited for him and that whole program.

Care much about our great alumni, coach? And then there was this:

What did you think of UCLA’s run to the Sweet Sixteen?

I thought they had a good run. I thought they had a really good run. A lot of people didn’t expect them to go as far as they did. Of course, they wanted to go further, but I think the players that are going to go the NBA right now are going to do well. I’m excited for them. They’re great young talents. Kyle Anderson, Zach LaVine — those guys, they have great, great futures in the NBA.

Guess he forgot about Jordan Adams -- or not.

Besides the Tyler Dorsey news, it was a relatively quite Bruin Hoops news week.
  • Sooren Derboghosian, walk-on from Iran, is transferring to Drexel. Sooren graduated just last week, so he's eligible immediately.
  • Even the national media picked up on the Pauley auction. Apparently, you can bid on two hours private at storied Pauley Pavillion. Bidding starts at $800, and benefits student-athletes (the richest TV contract for the PAC-12 in college sports wasn't enough?). When I was a student, we mostly played in the Wooden Center, but there were definitely nights in Pauley sprinkled in -- for free! I don't exactly recall the rules and availability back then, but this sounds suspicious. How's the fund raising going for the dedicated practice facility?
  • The USA U18 team was announced this week. No Bruins. Thomas Welsh didn't survive the last cut. However, there are two Bruin targets: Stephen Zimmerman of Last Vegas Bishop Gorman and Jaylen Brown from Georgia. Both have UCLA on their shortened lists.
  • And finally, these jerks (who I usually like) say Zach LaVine is the most overrated player in the upcoming Draft, but then they go on to say how great he's going to be. We get it! He's projected to go at #15 because he's the best athlete in the draft!