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2014 NBA Draft Open Thread: Will All Three UCLA Bruins Go In The First Round?

Zach and Kyle seem to be locks for the first round, but did Jordan make the right decision? Who will be the overall number one pick: Parker, Wiggins or Embiid?

Ethan Miller

This year's NBA Draft kicks off just after 4:30PM PST live from Brooklyn on ESPN. We've got three Bruins, Kyle Anderson, Jordan Adams and Zach LaVine, anxiously waiting to hear their names called. Can we get three players into the first round? Zach and Kyle seem to be locks, but will Jordan Adams get picked in the first round? Recall his last minute change of heart?

Here is the very last mock draft I found, from SI.  There is some slippage on Zach.  I'm setting the Zach LaVine over/under at 20.  I say under at 19, but could be 18.  The Bulls have Rose (I think), so why draft Napier according to the SI mock draft.  Quick, everyone give me your Zach prediction.

Zach should be the first Bruin picked. He's one of only 20 draft participants invited to Brooklyn, but look for Kyle to go in the 15 - 25 range and hopefully Jordan soon after that.

The fate of Joel Embiid is the main draft storyline. Once projected to go #1, Embiid recently suffered a broken foot, and now the mock drafts have him going anywhere from #3 to #7. In its latest mock draft, has Embiid falling to #6 with Jabari Parker as the overall #1.

Here's the draft order: 1) Cleveland 2) Milwaukee, 3) Philadelphis, 4) Orlando, 5) Utah, 6) Boston and 7) Los Angeles Lakers.

Kevin Love may even be part of tonight's drama. Minnesota is looking to get something for KLove who intends to test free agency after the end of the next season.

At this writing, the ony hard draft-related news is the trading of Arron Afflalo from Orlando to Denver for Evan Fournier and the 56th pick.  In the rumor mill, Memphis is considering trading the 22nd pick to Toronto, and and Joel Embiid is claiming he will go to the Lakers.

Let's go three for three!