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Minnesota T'Wolves Coach Flip Saunders Blasts Hoosier Loser Steve Alford for Misusing #13-Overall Pick Zach LaVine

In case you missed it, former UCLA guard Zach LaVine was drafted #13 overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves in tonight's NBA Draft. The T'Wolves head coach Flip Saunders was less than impressed with how our Hoosier Loser handled the newest Bruin to play for Minnesota.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few hours ago, UCLA guard Zach LaVine was the first of three Bruins to get drafted into the NBA tonight, going at the #13-overall spot to Minnesota.  And in case you forgot, Zach only got 904 minutes in 37 games (24.4 minutes per game) since he was busy splitting minutes with Steve Alford's son, and point guard-by-default for next year, Bryce Alford, who logged 855 minutes in 37 games (23.1 minutes per game).

Yes, the coach's son, who nobody but maybe Steve Alford himself considers a legitimate NBA prospect (not a surprise since he's barely a Division I-A prospect, if that), was playing one minute less than a kid who was taken at #13-overall in the NBA Draft tonight.  If that statistic alone isn't a damning enough indictment of the rampant nepotism and selfish egomaniacal mindset of Steve Alford, then maybe the words of Minnesota head coach Flip Saunders is:

It's a point we've made time and time again: that Steve Alford's nepotism is fundamentally destroying UCLA's program.  And thanks to Chianti Dan's brilliant leadership, we're saddled with the Hoosier Loser for the foreseeable future, even after he managed to choke in last year's NCAA tournament, losing to the Florida Gators in the Sweet Sixteen, despite fielding a team that featured not one, not two, but three first-round NBA draft picks:

And now it isn't just us seeing it and commenting on it - even NBA coaches are taking notice of the fact that UCLA is now run like a Little League team - where the coach's kid gets to play, even if he sucks and even if it's at the expense of better players and the team.

Heckuva job Chianti - you've turned the most storied college basketball program into a damn Pee Wee League team.