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UCLA Basketball: Steve Alford's Silence On Bruins' Amazing NBA Draft Night Speaks Volumes

Having three first-round draft choices should be a moment to celebrate, but, instead of celebrating, Steve Alford is just silent. It reveals a lack of character from the current UCLA basketball coach.

William Mancebo

Last night, something happened that has only happened once before in UCLA basketball history -- three Bruins were selected in the first round of the NBA Draft. It would seem hard to believe that it's only happened once before. After all, Coach's teams were so successful, you would think that his teams would have had at least three players selected in the first round.

But you would be wrong. The only other time in UCLA history when three Bruins were selected in the first round was 1979.

So, you would think that Coach Steve Alford would be celebrating the fact that his program had created three first rounders.

Instead, Coach Alford is silent.

That doesn't seem to be a surprise, though. It was predictable. Coach Alford hasn't sent out a single tweet since October 30th, 2013.

It would seem that Coach Alford needs Coach Mora to teach him how to use social media. After all, Coach Mora's use of Twitter has been widely praised by Bruin fans. It's just one of the ways that he has embraced the greater UCLA community.

So how did Coach Mora celebrate when five of his players were selected in the NFL Draft? He tweeted about the #BruinRevolution being on full display.

Although that tweet has since been deleted from his account for some reason.

In fact, Coach Alford has sent out only 59 tweets in total since he was hired last year, but the fact that he stopped tweeting around Halloween speaks volumes about his desire to connect with the greater Bruin community. Alford clearly hasn't made a sufficient effort to connect with Bruin fans.

Maybe his lack of any congratulations to his former players has nothing to do with a failure to connect. Maybe, instead, it is more personal than that.

Perhaps his lack of celebration has to do with the fact that he seems to prefer to have a screaming match with the parents of players who want to leave early. You can probably imagine how angry he got when not one but three underclassmen decided to enter the NBA Draft.

At the very least, you would think he point to having three first-round picks in his first year as a recruiting tool, but, then again, that's a little hard to do when players are choosing to leave the program due to your own nepotism.

Once again, Steve Alford has demonstrated that he just doesn't have the character necessary to be the head coach of UCLA's basketball program.

And that, my friends, is the saddest part of all.

Go Bruins! Fire Alford, Guerrero and Block. Now.

Update: Silent Steve speaks! Coach Steve Alford FINALLY had something to say about our three first-round picks during a conference call with reporters this morning. Excerpts from the call have been posted on

Unfortunately, talking to reporters is not the same as engaging the fanbase. Coach Mora has energized the Bruin Faithful by using Twitter and YouTube throughout the year including football season. Someone needs to inform Silent Steve that basketball season ended three months ago.