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UCLA Steve Alford Interview: Talking Bigs and Contrasting Styles

In his weekly interview, Steve Alford talks about running the offense through GG.

GG, Joker, Stretch forward, and point?!?!
GG, Joker, Stretch forward, and point?!?!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Alford's Tuesday interview is here.  Some notes and analysis.

Steve points out that in less than 48 hours, UCLA will play two teams of very contrasting styles.  The slow-down defense first style of the Oregon State Beavers and the track meet offense first style of the Oregon Ducks.   The Beavers run a "controlling style."

At one point in the interview, Steve lists all the good defense teams we have played like the Beavers.  The interesting thing about the list is that it also matches our list of losses.

Hmm.  Does this mean you play good defense against UCLA and our starting guards get impatient and start shooting bad shots?  Obviously Steve did not say that but it is at least one theory.  In a real sense Oregon State will be the true test as they, unlike Kentucky, have little talent.  Will Oregon State "control" the game.

The big news item of the press conference was that Tony Parker has back spasms.  Parker is day to day .

Which brings us to the title of the post.  First Steve discussed Thomas Welsh. He mentioned how Welsh had his best game of the last three against Just SC.

But the interview became really interesting on the topic of György Goloman (GG).  Some of the items mentioned:

  • GG and Tony Parker are the team jokers.
  • Steve sees GG as a stretch forward. He has gained 10 pounds since high school and needs another 15 or so.  "Unbelievable skill set."
  • GG has "great confidence" except at the free throw line.  Steve made a number of jokes here including GG needs to back up to the 3 point line and get to at least 10%.
  • Recruiting GG led to uncovering next year's star Prince.
  • When GG is in the game the "offense changes" and "we run through him a lot."  "Great passing big man."  Point GG?!??!

Last comment on bigs is UCLA is still working with NCAA to get Bolden eligible to practice this year.

Steve points out so far during his UCLA tenure there has not been an injury.  Oregon State is not talented.  This should be a win even if GG and Welsh have to play more minutes for an injured Tony Parker.

Go Bruins.