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UCLA Basketball -- Alford's Tuesday Presser: What Changes?

Now that the Bruins are in Pauley this week, the live Tuesday presser was back. The beat writers want to know if Steve Alford is going to do anything about Bryce, but the dad won't take the bait.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Kartje of the OC Register tries hard to get Alford to talk about Bryce. Watch starting at 2:33.

Kartje: Would you make any changes?

Alford: I don't know what those changes would be.

Then Alford starts to analyze the possible changes. I'm pretty shocked to hear him say Welsh for Parker and Golomon for Looney. He does dismiss those changes out of hand, but I think the point is that he doesn't mention Bryce.

Kartje follows up: do you change how you go about each play...change who gets the ball more? You know he's hinting at Bryce.

But Alford talks about adjustments in pace, the players' psyche, and that they're pressing too much.  He actually says the coaches might simplify the offense: not try to take away their freedoms, but  still make things easier.

There's one person's freedom that definitely needs to be reduced.

The beat reports wouldn't let it go -- they ask about Bryce's slump. Alford says Bryce is drawing the best defender, and Bryce is not used to the length he's seeing.

Apparently Bryce has a lot of pressure on him -- being the point guard, and having to shoot as well as pass. Somebody missed the point here. Point guards don't shoot as soon as they cross half-court.

Oh, and Tony needs to focus more while on defense so that he can stay on the court.

Listen and decide.