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UCLA Basketball's Tony Parker a Stand Up Player and Comedian

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For a basketball player being interviewed, Tony is a funny guy.

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Tony likes free throws, gives the ladies a chance to check out his hair
Tony likes free throws, gives the ladies a chance to check out his hair
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

With everyone a wee bit upset I thought I would do a fun post about my favorite UCLA comedian, aka Tony Parker.  I tried my best to transcribe the quotes but really when the big man Tony Parker makes these comments they are much funnier live.  In comparison most players tend to be as exciting as Bill Belichick in interviews.

Tony is always a breath of fresh air.  I couldn't even find my favorite quote (a riff on Steve Alford's hair)  but here are a few others I found.

10.  On Hair Style

Q:  Are there things that Jonah [Bolden ] can do that not a lot of other 6'10" guys can do?

Parker:  Yeah true, wear that hair style is probably the biggest one.

9.  On how Jonah hurts his assist total

Parker:  We were playing I would give him the ball and he would make the extra pass. I would tell him look, I only have three assists to give.  So when I give it to you that close; you have to score.

8.  Reporters have to stay awake interviewing Tony (It's fun to watch the Studio guys laugh).

After dropping 28 points and grabbing 12 boards in UCLA's 92-75 victory over the UAB Blazers in the round of 32 on Saturday, Bruins forward Tony Parker was feeling good.

He was feeling so good, in fact, that he dropped a compliment on sideline reporter Allie LaForce during his postgame interview. After answering her final question, Parker turned his attention to LaForce's jewelry.

"Nice bracelet, by the way," he said.

7.  How to compliment Bryce while slamming Steve Alford:

Q.  [On Bryce] Today we saw him as a perpetrator and a passer, how would you describe his evolution that way as a true play maker?

Parker:  Yeah, he has that in his game.  Coach Alford didn't pass much so I think Bryce focuses on being a better passer than him.

6.  From last year.  On missing Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson:

Q.  Has it been a transition for you personally, the guys you came in with now are all gone?

Parker:  No, not really.  They text me all the time.  They don't have to go to class anymore so I guess the boredom sits in.

5.  On how he now enjoys Free Throw Shooting

Q.  [Comment on Parker's improved Free Throw shooting] You're happy if they foul you.

Parker:  Yeah, I definitely am.  Free throw shooting gives a good close up on your hair.  So, it's a pretty good shot for the ladies.

4.   On the joys of rehab from his bad back spasms:

It's cool.  You get see everybody from other sports.  You get to see the cute tennis girls at times.

He even gets hurt "funny"  during individual Basketball workouts by himself that caused the spasms:

I like to tell people I did it playing water polo but did during basketball. . . . If you ask Kevon, he'll do the best impersonation of it.  He thought it was hilarious.

3.  On his weight

Q.  Does the weight loss effect your game as much as you thought it would?

Parker: You play longer, longer minutes . . . It's better for you.  You move better.  Everything is better.  You look better, girls like you more.  It's a great thing.

2. On SPTR

Refs talk to me all the time about it [Foul Trouble]. I have a good relationship with the PAC 12 refs, I mean it's a building relationship.

1.  On Norman Powell's leadership

Q.  Norman said he was in your ear a lot during the game, what was he telling you?

Parker: Man, I don't remember.  You know, I don't know what toothpaste he uses but it wasn't effective.

Bonus:  On impressing the NCAA tournament committee to make the tournament.

Parker:  Really we just gotta win, that's the bottom line.  . . . I don't think too much of style points.  If it was style points, I'd definitely be a number 1 seed.

I'll give it to you Tony, you certainly have a style all your own.  As a guy who covers basketball at UCLA, I really appreciate all you do.

Go Tony!  Go Bruins!