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UCLA Basketball Open Practice Notes

Some tweets about UCLA's Open Basketball Practice on Saturday

Who is going to take Kevon Looney's place?
Who is going to take Kevon Looney's place?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA held an open practice yesterday for Basketball. If you attended please add your thoughts. Here is an official tweet.

A couple thoughts as you can see from this picture.  Bolden is tall, taller than Parker.  However his leg is also wrapped.  This is a matter of concern.

Tony Parker has the fans cracking up at the autograph session, no surprise by the Quotable One.

For some details we turn to CBS.  This tweet from CBS's Jon Rothstein seems to sum up the good news.  We may have a real freshman point guard for the first time in years.

UCLA has not a legitimate two-way point guard since DC in 2009.  This is indeed good news.

However, I think Rothstein is definitely sees things through Rose-tinted glasses.  I think this one from Rothstein may be too optimistic.

Why?  Take a look at this pic.  Alex seems a bit thin to play 4 in the PAC 12.

Of course Rothstein did mention the "other four" option.

This quote is laughable.  Hamilton is not a point guard.  Alford is a combo guard.  Prince Ali did not play because of an injury.   So I remain dubious of Parker and Welsh working together to solve the four problem, for this year.  I say for this year as it looks like TJ Leaf may be coming next year:

T.J. Leaf enjoyed his official visit to UCLA this weekend but has no timetable on a decision at this point.

"It was good, I had a good time,"the 6-foot-9 Leaf out of El Cajon (CA) Foothills Christian said by text. "I like the coaches there and the school in general is really nice."

A more interesting tweet is this one from Rothstein

The surprise here would be Holiday.  Prince Ali can play the three.  I always thought Ali would start with Hamilton at the 2, and Bryce as point.  Apparently Holiday is really impressing.

Bottom line is IT IS TOO EARLY TO SAY MUCH but:

Holiday is looking good and like a point.  He is really impressing people.

The jury is still out on how good/great Bolden will be.  He may be our only real option at four though.

Go Bruins!