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Exhibition Game Thread: UCLA Basketball Vs. Cal State LA

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Aaron Holiday will likely be running the point tonight in an exhibition game against Cal State Los Angeles

Will Isaac and Bryce be watching Aaron Holiday run point tonight?
Will Isaac and Bryce be watching Aaron Holiday run point tonight?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few things to watch during tonight's exhibition game against Cal State LA, but one of the most interesting may be Aaron Holiday. Holiday will likely see a lot of minutes at point guard:

The brother of current NBA and former UCLA star Jrue Holiday, this 6-foot point guard is going to have a major role for the Bruins -- immediately. Armed with the ability to be an absolute menace on the ball defensively, Aaron Holiday is going to harass opposing point guards each time he takes the floor and should allow UCLA more of an opportunity to keep Bryce Alford fresher for offense. A ball mover with a high IQ and terrific feel, Holiday is a potential starter for UCLA as a freshman.

"Aaron is one of those guys who gives us a different dimension," Bruins coach Steve Alford told CBS Sports following a practice last week at Pauley Pavilion. "He can pick you up for 94-feet and cause a lot problems defensively. He's also really skilled." Don't be shocked if UCLA goes with a three point-guard look to start games this season with Holiday, Bryce Alford, and Isaac Hamilton.

The game will be streamed on the Internet at or at 7:30. The BN mini-preview is here and game notes have also been posted. Follow along here and post your comments.

Go Bruins.