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Psst!! UCLA's Basketball Team Just as Dominant as Football in Secret Scrimmage

Apparently UCLA destroyed San Diego in a "secret scrimmage."

According to Joel Rothsteien, GG was the starting power forward prior to his injury
According to Joel Rothsteien, GG was the starting power forward prior to his injury
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While everyone was enjoying UCLA football's win over the Beavers, UCLA's basketball team was apparently enjoying a similar dominant win over San Diego State.  This was the "secret scrimmage" that the NCAA now allows teams to hold but there are no fans or reporters allowed to attend the game.  Although details are a bit sketchy but from what we understand, it was a good day for UCLA other revenue sport.

Like UCLA's football team, UCLA's basketball team won while overcome injuries:

Tony hurt his ribs a bit and Bryce cut his tongue.  Both were kept out to err on the side of caution.   Despite this UCLA was led, for the second game in a row, by Aaron Holiday:

And after injuries limited the playing time of Bryce Alford and Tony Parker, Bruins freshman guard Aaron Holliday torched what last season was statistically the nation's third-best defense.

"Holiday was sensational," [San Diego State Coach] Fisher said. "He was by far the best player on the floor."

Holiday's performance is very impressive in that San Diego State for years has been known as a very good defensive team.  Although it is VERY early, Holiday is fast becoming the best story of this young season.  He was not originally slotted as a starter, but now he is not only looking like a starting point guard but he is becoming the team leader.

It is harder to say much about UCLA's defense because while San Diego has been a great defensive team recently, they have been a horrid offense one.  At one point they supposedly missed 11 open three pointers.

Another tidbit of news on two fronts is on the injury front.

This is very interesting also for the last part.  This means that GG, not Bolden or Welsh, is the likely starter the first PAC 12 game at the four.  (Assuming he recovers completely.)

Thus UCLA's likely Pac 12 starting lineup is:

  1. point/lead guard Aaron Holiday
  2. Combo Guard Bryce Alford
  3. Small Forward Isaac Hamilton
  4. Power Forward GG
  5. Center Tony Parker

Thank you Aaron Holiday for being a pleasant surprise so far.

Go Bruins!