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#PayEd: Kingsford's O'Bannon Bag Smokes the NCAA

Kingsford Charcoal has launched a March promotion which totally smokes the NCAA.

For a limited time, bags of Kingsford will feature Bruin great Ed O'Bannon and feature the tagline "Lights 25% Faster, Doesn't Burn Athletes." It also features the hashtag #PayEd. According to Yahoo! Sports, Kingsford is going to pay Ed $1 for every tweet with that hashtag, up to $25,000.

The fact that Kingsford has launched the promotion just as the sports calendar moves into March Madness is clearly no coincidence.

Of course, O'Bannon's victory in his lawsuit against the NCAA has received a lot of attention because he sued them for their continued use of his name and likeness.

Now might not be a bad time to stock up on some charcoal for grilling and tailgate season. And, don't forget to tweet the hashtag #PayEd to help out one of UCLA's great basketball players.