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Balls Bouncing UCLA's Way

Steve Alford gets a commitment from Lonzo Ball's brother LiAngelo Ball, a Class of 2017 three-star wing.


Steve Alford got an important recruiting boost when Class of 2016 five-star point guard Lonzo Ball committed to UCLA in January 2014. Today Steve Alford added a commitment from a second member of the Ball family--Class of 2017 three-star wing LiAngelo Ball.

LiAngelo is a teammate of Lonzo at Chino Hills HS. He's currently 6'5" and 200 pounds, but will likely be heavier and possibly taller by the time he's a college freshman.

From Rivals at Yahoo Sports:

As you can see in the video, LiAngelo has a quick release on his shot. You'll also notice that he doesn't appear to have elite athleticism or quickness. If he continues to grow, he may be more suited to playing as a 4.

As reported in Bruins Report Online, according to Lonzo and LiAngelo's father LaVar, UCLA's fast-paced style appeals to LiAngelo:

"With that up-tempo style, that's how we've been playing our whole life. It's perfect. The name of the game is to put that ball in the hole and Gelo has always been Lonzo's running mate."

However, if UCLA fans are excited at the prospect of seeing the Ball brothers playing together at Pauley, think again. Again, from Bruins Report Online, according to LaVar Ball,

The plan the first year is to be one and done. All their goals is to play basketball in the NBA and the quicker the better. "

It's possible that Alford may end up with a third Ball as well; little brother LaMelo Ball will be ready to play collegiate basketball in 2019.

If you want to see the three Ball brothers in action, look no further.

Congratulations to LiAngelo Ball on his decision to commit to UCLA!