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BOOM! UCLA's Kevon Looney Picked #30 by the Champion Golden State Warriors in the 2015 NBA Draft

Congratulations Kevon - another outstanding Bruin in the NBA. You are a champion!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA Bruin Kevon Looney only had one year on UCLA's basketball team, but showed what an incredible talent he is, especially in the Stanford game. The championship Warriors are really fortunate that Kevon landed in their laps. Kevon is an outstanding player and young man and will bring Lamar Odom type talent without all the baggage. While the coach of UCLA's men's basketball team chose to not draw up plays for their #1 talent, I'm sure Steve Kerr won't make the same mistake.

To read more about this future Bruin NBA All-Star, take a look at DC Bruin's Looney profile. I wish UCLA had made Kevon the number one option in our offense (instead of #5), but he is moving on and his future looks incredibly bright. I was rooting for the Warriors this year, and now I will rooting even harder.

Congratulation, Kevon, and all the best to you!

Go Bruins!