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Have UCLA Donors Abandoned Steve Alford?

According to an article on Bruin Report Online, donors are being heard in "unprecedented numbers" following Wednesday night's loss to Southern Cal. Meanwhile, the basketball coaching carousel has begun.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Last night was the last straw for many Bruin fans.Apparently, UCLA's donors agree with the average Bruin fan.

Bruin Report Online is reporting the following:

Big-monied UCLA athletic donors, in unprecedented numbers, are making strong indications to UCLA that they won't support the basketball program if Steve Alford continues as its coach, according to many sources.

Some prominent people related to the basketball program and the UCLA athletic department are trying to personally raise money to go toward the buyout, according to sources.
Additionally, rumors are circulating that top donors and Dan Guerrero will be discussing the future status of Steve Alford.

At the same time, Rutgers, St. Louis, USF and UTSA all fired their head coaches yesterday.

Back in November, the Rutgers AD Julie Hermann, who was giving Dan Guerrero tough competition for the worst AD in the country, was finally fired and removed from the competition by virtue of the fact that she was no longer Rutgers AD.

Well, new AD Patrick Hobbs wasted no time in firing former NBA coach Eddie Jordan yesterday less than 24 hours after Rutgers lost to Nebraska in the Big Ten Tournament.

The St. Louis Billikens also took care of business when they announced that head coach Jim Crews had been fired moments after the team lost to George Washington in the Atlantic 10 Tournament in Brooklyn.

Up north, the University of San Francisco fired coach Don Walters after 8 seasons leading the Dons.

Finally, in San Antonio, UTSA fired coach Brooks Thompson after the team went 5-27 this season.

I'm not sure how each of those ADs was able to make a decision so quickly while UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero has failed to act following UCLA's worst conference finish ever as well as the fact that the team went winless against crosstown rival Southern Cal for the first time in 74 years.

Tick tock, Dan. You're on the clock.

Go Bruins.