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Oregon Does Just Enough To Beat UCLA 76-68

The #9 Oregon Ducks come into Pauley Pavilion and do just enough to beat the UCLA Bruins, 76-68.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Simply put, under UCLA Head C..C...C..under the guy currently in charge UCLA plays ugly basketball. It's really not fun to watch these games. What's more it really looks like these games are scripted: there's the constant of lazy defending and hero ball 3s by team leader Bryce Alford at the end to keep the score just close enough to make it seem exciting...not.

Well, I suppose I should turn my notes into a 'real' summary of the game.

The game started off well for the Bruins before the Ducks went on an 8-0 run to lead 11-6. Aaron Holiday picked up two early fouls and the UCLA defense looked like zombies. Allen did get some good minutes though, so there's that. Tony Parker was active early to keep it respectable but Oregon was really missing a lot of open looks. Holiday hit a 3 pointer to cut the deficit to one, 21-20, but then picked up his third foul.

The Bruins took the lead thanks to our esteemed leader Bryce Alford and the Bruins went on a mini 6-0 run. Later, he even made a traditional 3 point play with a wild drive to the hoop. With the Ducks shooting frozen cold missing 8 of 10 and what seemed like tons of offensive turnovers, the Bruins built a solid lead 36-26. Even Noah Allen got in on the scoring with a pretty floater 10 feet from the basket.

Sadly, the half ended with some bad defense by UCLA and a dumb foul by Isaac Hamilton with 0.8 seconds left which resulted in two free baskets for the Ducks.

The half ended 38-33 with UCLA up only by 5.

The second half was pretty even at first until the Ducks started to make lots of backdoor plays to break the zone and Oregon players Brooks and Dorsey started getting hot. The Bruins lost the second half by 13 points even though Parker and Hamilton were having good games. Once the Ducks regained the lead to go up 50-48, Bryce Alford threw up a desperation 3 and it led to a fastbreak bucket for the Ducks. Alford didn't even try to stop the dunk besides a pathetic poke attempt. Yanno it's in the script. Another Duck steal capped a 9-0 run by the aquatic enemies of the north.  I knew we'd lose right then and there. Ali and Allen got some minutes but it was too late. I deleted the rest of my notes.

Isaac Hamilton led the Bruins with 19 points (9/26) and he added 5 rebounds and 6 assists. Parker was next with 18 points but only had 3 total rebounds (though he had 2 steals and 1 block). Bryce Alford scored some points late and finished with 16 but only 3 assists.

I'm no expert so I'll leave the analysis in the more capable hands of DCBruin.

Can you feel the Madness yet? Wooo!

Go Bruins!