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Kobe Paras' Dad Reacts To Son's Withdrawal From UCLA

Benjie Paras, the father of former UCLA recruit Kobe Paras, reacted to the news that his son Kobe had not met the requirements of his admission to UCLA.


Kobe Paras’ dad Benjie Paras flew to Los Angeles and offered the first comments from the Paras family about his son’s withdrawal from UCLA.

The elder Paras told ABS-CBN News about Kobe’s reaction to the news that he had not met the conditions of his admission to UCLA. Benjie Paras said:

It was really a surprise for us and of course Kobe was really devastated. I was talking to him, and honestly, he was crying....Don't worry. He's going to be ok. He's in good hands, Cathedral, Middlebrooks, they're one big family. They will help each other when someone becomes successful they will be happy for him and when someone's down they will help him get up. He's in good hands right now and for sure you will see him play again.

The ABS-CBN article also states:

Despite reports citing Cathedral High School's principal saying that the issue involved his Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) score, Paras' Coach William Middlebrooks said no exact details were given.

The article goes on to quote Cathedral HS basketball coach William Middlebrooks:

That was a shock to the entire [Cathedral HS] athletic department. Our understanding was as long as he's a full qualifier academically, he'd be in school and for whatever reason, the head of admissions made a different decision. It was taken out of context. I think it came across strange to people. Various people interpret it the way they interpreted it but we don't know what the reason is. Even the principal has not talked to anybody at UCLA admissions so therefore whatever the reason is they chose to make this decision we don't have a fact to as why they made the decision.

There certainly seems to be more to this whole situation than is currently known.

Go Bruins.