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Indiana Basketball Owes UCLA, Kentucky and Others an Apology

This morning, the Indiana Basketball Twitter account claimed to have the most national titles, Big Ten titles, NCAA Tournament wins and NBA Draft picks. But, there's a problem with this claim. Three of the four claims are wrong.

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Indiana University, the alma mater of current UCLA coach Steve Alford, has some explaining to do.

This morning, the IU basketball Twitter account sent out the following tweet:

There’s only one problem with the tweet. Someone at IU forgot to check the facts.

We know that Bobby Knight and John Wooden didn’t care for each other. But that doesn’t change the facts.

Indiana claimed to be #1 in national titles, Big Ten titles, NCAA Tournament wins and NBA Draft picks. So, I did some fact-checking because, admittedly, I didn’t know off the top of my head how many tournament wins or NBA Draft picks UCLA has had.

Well, thanks to the 2015-2016 UCLA Basketball media guide and the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament all-time team records wikipedia page, three of these four claims prove to be false.

All Bruin fans know that UCLA has 11 national championships. IU’s claim doesn’t just disregard UCLA. It also disregards Kentucky’s 8 titles. The fact is that IU is tied for third with five.

But, what about IU’s other claims?

Well, it turns out that IU isn’t even second in NCAA Tournament wins because UCLA isn’t first. According to the 2015-2016 UCLA Basketball media guide, UCLA has 99 NCAA Tournament wins, but the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament all-time records wikipedia page says UCLA has 104 tournament wins. I’m guessing the difference is due to vacated wins from the Larry Brown era.

But, it doesn’t change the fact that Indiana isn’t even close to being number one in NCAA Tournament wins. In fact, IU is seventh.

As far as the claim about NBA Draft picks, here’s what the UCLA media guide says about that.

UCLA has produced 114 total NBA Draft selections since the inaugural BAA draft took place in 1947 (Basketball Association of America later became the National Basketball Association). UCLA ranks second among all universities in overall draft picks (Kentucky has a nation-leading 118).

So, again, Indiana is no better than third, but I suspect that the Hoosiers may be lower than that.

So, that debunks three of the four claims Indiana made this morning. What about Indiana’s fourth claim, most Big Ten titles, well, they can have that.

Go Bruins.

UPDATE: In an email, the IU Athletic Department is claiming that the banner in the middle that says Best in the B1G is meant to be extended to the tweet as well.

Well, then, why not say that in your tweet, IU? There were plenty of characters left to include the phrase "Best in the B1G" in the tweet.