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NCAA Selection Committee Releases Mid-Season Top 16 Seedings

If the tournament bracket were announced today, UCLA would be seeded 15th overall.

For the first time ever, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Selection Committee has released a midseason Top 16 bracket that gives fans an idea of what the committee is thinking. Committee chair Mark Hollis revealed who the top 16 seeds would be if the brackets were announced today. In the seeding released today, UCLA is ranked as the 15th seed and they would be the #4 seed in the East Region.

Here’s the full list of all top 16 seeds:

So, not only has UCLA fallen from being a potential top seed in the West, they’ve fallen out of the West Region completely.

Apparently, Thursday night’s win over Oregon didn’t impress the committee that much. It will be interesting to see how this affects the Top 25 polls come Monday morning.

But, one thing appears clear: UCLA needs to win out the rest of the way and win the Pac-12 Tournament in order to improve their seeding when the final seedings are announced next month.

Go Bruins!