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Does USC Care About Metu Losing It?

Chimezie Metu was out of control in their last game against Oregon, yet Southern Cal does nothing.

Metu should be surrendering to discipline.
Metu should be surrendering to discipline.
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Southern Cal has another less than ethical character in the news again.  No, I am not talking about the fact that O.J. Simpson could be a guest on the Southern Cal sideline if he gets paroled this year. I am talking about Southern Cal Center Chimezie Metu.

First, Metu did his best Grayson Allen impersonation and tried to trip Oregon's Chris Boucher. In the clip below you can see Metu on the bench trying to trip Boucher in the background.

However, that was not his only bad act in the game.  Metu also lost his cool when that Oregon game was almost over.

With 16.7 seconds left in the game, after USC had failed to score on what was likely their final possession, Metu foul Oregon's Payton Pritchard to send him to the foul line with an open-hand slap square in the middle of Pritchard's back:

Metu was given a flagrant foul for the infraction, and Pritchard somehow managed to look tough despite being in some pain. Metu is 6-foot-11 with long arms and huge hands.

Predictably Southern Cal has done nothing about this. In fairness, as this is basketball, there is a decent chance Lynn Swann is unaware. Southern Cal has a history of treating its basketball program like an afterthought that fills the time between football and spring football.

However, this is a serious matter. Metu was out of control for a big game against Oregon. He should have been disciplined and possibly suspended. But there are crickets are coming from Southern Cal.

Of course, part of the reason is Metu really HATES UCLA. He hates UCLA because UCLA decided they were not interested in Metu. While Metu is very talented, looks like the UCLA staff made the right call in not taking a player that has issues with his temperament. To his credit Steve Alford has suspended players. Too bad, Southern Cal won't and hopefully it does not become so bad the PAC 12 does not have to step in. I hope the referees keep a close eye on Metu Saturday.