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Reggie Miller Says LaVar Ball “Has Got To Be Careful” With His Comments

Miller called in to the Dan Patrick Show yesterday to discuss how good Lonzo Ball is as well as LaVar Ball’s comments about Lonzo.

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

UCLA great Reggie Miller was a phone-in guest on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday. Among the topics he discussed were how good Lonzo Ball is and LaVar Ball’s comments. He started off discussing LaVar’s recent comparison of Lonzo to Steph Curry.

Look, I’m just gonna say this. I love the support and that’s what a Dad is supposed to do, but when you start comparing him to known quality like a Steph Curry who’s a two-time MVP and has done so much in the league already....People are already gonna hate because he’s so successful at UCLA. But, now you’re adding more pressure to his son. Maybe his son is up to the challenge, but, if your Pop, you’ve just got to be careful because there’s gonna be guys, as soon as he takes that next step at that next level who will be like, “Oh,, you think you’re Steph. You think you’re the next Jason Kidd. Alright.”

Miller also discussed how it’s difficult to tell how good Lonzo will be at the next level. Mostly, it had to do with the different levels of between college and the NBA. He did say that he’s good, but he compared Lonzo’s situation to the most recent draft and Ben Simmons and how Simmons hasn’t had a chance to make an impact yet.

Miller concluded by saying, “I know he has confidence in all his sons. Just be careful. Just be careful what you say.”

It seems like some pretty sound advice.

Here’s the full conversation, courtesy of the Dan Patrick Show on YouTube.

Go Bruins!