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Steve Alford Beats Gonzaga for his First 2018 Recruit

Alford recruits a 6'4 local guard not named Ball or from Compton Magic. Boom!

Steve Alford nabs his first recruit for 2018
Steve Alford nabs his first recruit for 2018
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Alford just nabbed his first 2018 recruit, a 6'4" 4 star combo guard form Torrance named David Singleton. According to ESPN:

Singleton is a physical combo-guard who is equally adept at playing both guard positions. He has a strong frame with good length and he possesses a mature game for someone of his youth. He is at his best while spotting up for 3-point shots and his shot is quick.

Here are some highlight tapes of Singleton:

And against Chino Hills:

A couple comments, this is a nice recruiting win for Steve Alford. Gonzaga was rumored to be the leader. It also desperately feels a need. Even if Holiday comes back it seems unlikely he will be around for his senior season. Shoot we could use Singleton this year as we lack guard depth (once again). That said, Singleton is a good first get because he is athletic and can play point or two.

He also is a good sign for the long term because he is not from Compton Magic or a Ball. He is a good local area player.

As far as player type, he seems like a much better ball handling Isaac Hamilton. He can score from all over the court. The thing that people may question about him is his shot technique. It is a low and a bit awkward of a release. Of course we had a pretty good player last year with a worse release.

All in all, David is a good start to the 2018 class. Welcome, David!

Go Bruins!