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UCLA Turns to a Great as New Assistant

Tyus Edney gets promoted.

While Tyus won't be on the court, he will be once again helping to direct the team
While Tyus won't be on the court, he will be once again helping to direct the team
J.D. Cuban/Getty Images

As we speculated previously, Tyus Edney has filled the assistant coaching vacancy created when Ed Schilling took a similar position in Indiana. As Steve Alford stated in a press release:

Edney, who served as the program's Director of Operations for the past seven seasons, will take over as an assistant coach with the Bruins, effective immediately. Edney fills the assistant coach position vacated by Ed Schilling who, after four seasons on UCLA's coaching staff, accepted an assistant coach role at Indiana University last week.

"Tyus is definitely ready for this role on our staff, and we're thrilled to add him as an assistant coach," Alford said. "In the four years that I've worked alongside him, it's become very apparent to me how much Tyus cares about UCLA, his alma mater. Between his playing career -€” at UCLA, in the NBA and internationally -€” and his time here in an operations role, he has developed a keen eye for the game of basketball. With Tyus, you're talking about an elite guard, back in his day, who helped UCLA win a national championship and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. He will be a tremendous asset to our program as an assistant coach, and we're very confident that he's going to significantly impact our team in every aspect."

Congratulations, Tyus aka Mr. 4.8!

Just for fun, here is Lonzo's Ball version from last season

It is worth noting Ball barely did it in 4.8 with no defenders on the court.

Will Tyus the great college player be a great college coach? We will see. It should be remembered that Schilling was the lead skills coach for UCLA and a former head coach. It does seem like many players improved their shooting strokes in the Alford era (Kyle Anderson, Norman Powell, TJ Leaf, etc.) but few improved on defense. Was that Schilling for both good and bad? What will Tyus' imprint be?

Tyus is very charming in person and seems like a genuinely nice guy in my experience and the experience of others that have met him at basketball or alumni events. How does that compliment Alford?

Congratulations, Tyus. The last word goes to you:

"Being able to return back to my alma mater nearly seven years ago was very exciting. I'm appreciative of the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the program that has given me so much. I will do everything that I can to help us perform at the highest level."

Go Bruins!