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Classless Southern Cal is at it Again

Southern Cal’s Metu follows up last year’s slapping and tripping with what Bill Walton called “a crime against humanity”

Chimezie Metu should be doing more than hiding his head in Shame
Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last year, Southern Cal’s star basketball player, Chimezie Metu, slapped an Oregon player in the back:

And tried to trip a player:

And went off unpunished.

Now Metu is at it again. This time punching a player in the groin:

Yahoo explains it like this:

Of all the rules in sports, one should seemingly be inviolable.

Never punch an opponent where you’d prefer he not punch you.

And yet USC’s Chimezie Metu did just that on Sunday night, punching Washington State’s Carter Skaggs in the groin as he attempted a three-pointer. Skaggs promptly crumpled to the ground and Metu was hit with a flagrant-two that removed him from the game.

“That’s a crime against humanity,” Bill Walton said on the broadcast.

But, now, Southern Cal Coach Andy Enfield has had enough! He has suspended Metu! For half a game. Really? Are you sure you can be that harsh?

A guy who has tripped, slapped and now punched gets a half-game suspension. I guess when your University’s most famous graduate is an accused murderer, tripping, punching, and slapping are not a big deal.

So far this season, Enfield has taken a Top 10 in talent team to a 10-5 record, had a assistant coach busted for paying players by the FBI and offered a scholarship to an eight year old.

Maybe, Southern Cal should just end their basketball program. It would save me this yearly post on Metu and it would leave Southern Cal more money to pay football players.