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Fire Alford Banner: “Final Fours Not First Fours” as UCLA Fans Demand Action

Bruin fans call on Dan Guerrero to fix UCLA Basketball.

Flying over Westwood this afternoon

UCLA Bruins fans know what today is. Why, it’s the beginning of the First Round of the NCAA Tournament, of course!

However, in Steve Alford’s office, today is simply known as Thursday.

That’s because the Alford-led Bruins, who played so inconsistently during the regular season that the NCAA placed them in a play-in game for the right to play in the First Round of March Madness, lost that play-in game on Tuesday, meaning that the Bruins are back home in Westwood.

That loss was two days ago. As of early this afternoon, Steve Alford is still employed by UCLA.

Because Dan Guerrero wasn’t as decisive with Alford as he was with Jim Mora, Bruin fans have resorted to demanding action from Guerrero in a way that has become all too familiar.

This afternoon, a banner demanding Alford’s firing flew over the UCLA campus. It read, rather simply: Final Fours not First Fours #Fire Alford.

Word spread rather quickly on social media:

Goodness gracious! Sake’s alive! Alford must go!

Go Bruins. Final Fours, not First Fours. Fire Alford.