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UCLA Basketball: Alford Rumors to Xavier University? We Can Only Dream

Alford does not look to be walking out the door to Xavier.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four-St. Bonaventure vs. UCLA Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Alford rumors are so much fun, yet so painful for so many of us. Remember last March when Alford would not answer if his alma mater, Indiana, contacted him for the Hoosiers’ then open coaching vacancy? Instead Alford shared with the world about his love for UCLA, the city and his desire to stay at UCLA. For a split second, many of us started thinking his lack of clarity with his answer meant that there was a possibility that he would leave and go back to Indiana. That dream was short lived as our hopes of Alford leaving were crushed when Alford shared with ESPN’s Jeff Goodman that he was 100 percent not going to Indiana.

Then, at the start of March, we had the Pete Thamel article where he mentioned those possible “behind the scene” maneuverings of Steve Alford for the open University of Louisville position.

Again, Bruins Nation had a fleeting dream of Alford leaving, but Bruins Nation knew that it was only a dream and that a storied basketball school like the University of Louisville would never have an interest in Alford no matter how many back channels Alford and his agent tried to work.

All was quiet until Wednesday when it was reported by Paul Daugherty that Steve Alford “reached out” to Xavier about its open coaching position.

Again, this dream only lasted a few hours as Evan Daniels put out a Tweet a few hours later that totally contradicted what was previously reported.

Again, a fun rumor while it lasted. So as we end the month of March, Steve Alford is still the head coach of the UCLA Bruins. There has been no time in Steve Alford’s tenure at UCLA that his stock has been so low. Thus, I would venture to say that there are not too many schools that will be banging down Alford’s door or answering his agent’s back channel calls.

In an article last year, Bruins Nation managing editor Joe Piechowski discussed details of the much-talked-about Alford contract. Alford’s buyout is raised from $5.2 million to $6.2 million if the contract is terminated before April 30, 2018. So, I guess if we think UCLA is going to penny-pinch this thing, which they’re not, April 30th is the next big date. The buyout is raised from $2.6 million to $3.6 million if the contract is terminated before April 30, 2019. It also adds a $1 million buyout if the contract is terminated before April 30, 2020.

April 30th will come and go, as it is obvious to most of us that UCLA looks to be stuck with Alford for another year. If UCLA were going to make a move, that move would have already been made. Baring some unforeseen circumstance, Steve Alford will have a chance to coach this highly touted incoming freshman class.

Go Bruins!