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UCLA Basketball: Shareef O’Neal To Miss Season Due to Heart Surgery

UCLA doctors found an issue with the incoming freshman’s heart during a routine checkup.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

TMZ Sports is reporting that incoming UCLA Bruins freshman basketball player Shareef O’Neal will miss the coming season after doctors at UCLA found a medical issue with O’Neal’s heart.

The TMZ report reads:

Shareef didn’t specify the exact problem -- but said the issue is severe enough that he’ll be having heart surgery in the near future.

”Thank God the UCLA medical staff caught it early,” O’Neal tells us.

The article does not specify exactly what the issue is, but indicates that O’Neal’s condition will require him to undergo “major surgery.”

The article goes on to say that O’Neal does not plan to withdraw from school while recovering from surgery. He tells TMZ:

During rehab, I’ll be attending my classes and being a normal student.

Here is an interview Shareef did with TMZ Sports discussing the situation.

While O’Neal will miss the entire season, he is not the only one who will miss the start of the coming season as it was learned the other day that Alex Olesinski will miss two to three months due to a stress fracture in his right foot. Olesinski missed the entire 2016-17 season due to a stress fracture in his left foot. He also had hip surgery in April, but his recovery from that injury was not expected to cause him to miss any time.

We wish a speedy recovery to both Shareef and Alex.

Go Bruins.