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UCLA Basketball Coaching Search

News, notes and all details covering the search of next UCLA basketball coach to replace Steve Alford.

The Future of UCLA Bruins Basketball Is Bright Under Mick Cronin

The sun is shining on the basketball program in Westwood, as Cronin is poised for a March breakthrough. Can you see it?

Mick Cronin Shows “He Gets UCLA” at His First Bruins’ Press Conference

New UCLA basketball head coach Mick Cronin was humble and honest in his first press conference with the Bruins.

Mick Cronin Sheds the Anchor of a Bad UCLA Coaching Search

Cronin is a fine coach, but, first, he has to escape the gravity of UCLA’s failed coaching search.

UCLA Hires Mick Cronin on 100th Day of Coaching Search

UCLA has finally hired a new basketball head coach.

DAY 100!

The 100th day of UCLA’s coaching search brings good news: Tony Bennett and Chris Beard are now available to talk, but will it matter?

UCLA’s Dan Guerrero Blows It Again: Rick Barnes Staying at Tennessee

I would like off of Mr. Guerrero’s wild ride, please.

Is UCLA About to Lose Yet Another Coaching Candidate?

If UCLA cannot land Rick Barnes, they will have missed on (at least) three candidates.

Report: Rick Barnes Offered $5 Million a Year to Coach at UCLA

A new ESPN report fills in some of the details behind Barnes’s upcoming decision.

UCLA Basketball Coaching Search Hits Day 99

With new developments emerging, could today be the day?

Rick Barnes Emerges as New Frontrunner for UCLA Coaching Job

The Tennessee head coach has made the Final Four once, the Elite Eight twice and the Sweet 16 four times. He amassed a .691 winning percentage in 17 seasons with the Texas Longhorns.

UCLA Basketball Coaching Search Reaches Day 98

UCLA is still great, even if Dan Guerrero is not.

UCLA Basketball Coaching Search Enters 97th Day

According to one report, Dan Guerrero expected to hire Jamie Dixon on Thursday. That deal now looks to be dead because UCLA refused to pay Dixon’s buyout.

UCLA Basketball Coaching Search Becomes a Disaster As Dixon Now Out

No matter the outcome, the UCLA Athletic Department has once again proven how incompetent they truly are.

It’s Looking Like Jamie Dixon Will Be UCLA’s Next Basketball Coach

A Ben Howland protege looks like the choice.

UCLA is Being Overly Cautious in Its Coaching Search

It’s the definition of an overcorrection to the Steve Alford hiring.

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Will a Lack of Leadership Doom the UCLA Basketball Coaching Search?

The UCLA Bruins Basketball Coaching Search Hot Board 2.0 [UPDATE 4/1]

Here is a list of names that could be considered by UCLA to replace Steve Alford. It will be updated as needed.

Is Panic Starting to Set in at UCLA over Hiring of a New Basketball Coach?

An arbitrary timeline to hire a coach "within the next week" makes it look like the Bruins are repeating history and expecting a different result.

Report: UCLA Offered John Calipari $8M per Year, but Calipari Will Stay at Kentucky

Seth Davis is reporting that UCLA offered John Calipari a 6-year contract worth $48 million, which he has declined.

Earl Watson Has Not Earned an Interview for the UCLA Basketball Job

A report has mentioned that UCLA has interviewed Earl Watson for its open basketball head coaching job. The question is "What has Watson done to merit that?" The answer is: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

After 5+ Years Coaching the Bruins, Steve Alford STILL Has No Concept Of UCLA History

Steve Alford coached the Bruins for 5+ seasons. Yet earlier this week, he showed that he still has no idea for the history of college basketball’s most storied team.

UCLA Loses to Arizona State 83-72, Ending the Season

It’s finally over. Time to turn all of our attention to the coaching search.

UCLA Basketball Coaching Search: It’s Time to Talk About Luke Walton

A Yahoo Sports report suggests UCLA could be interested in Luke Walton if he becomes available. Should they, though?

Filling the UCLA Hoops Vacancy Will Probably Not Require Approval by the UC Regents

Reports about the UC Regents having to approve UCLA’s next basketball coach have been greatly exaggerated.

EXCLUSIVE: Casey Wasserman NOT Backing Rick Pitino for UCLA Hoops Job

Source indicates that a report that Casey Wasserman is backing the former Louisville coach for UCLA’s basketball coaching vacancy is incorrect.

What’s Bruin: Would UCLA Fans be Happy with Pitino or Hurley?

Both names have been bandied about since Steve Alford’s termination.

The UCLA Basketball Coaching Search Hot Board [UPDATED 1/2]

Here is a list of names that could be considered by UCLA to replace Steve Alford. It will be updated as needed.

UCLA: “So Long, Chief!” Alford Finally Fired! [UPDATED]

The Steve Alford era looks to finally be over after almost six years.

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"Outrageously Inept and a Massive Fail"

A key player within UCLA athletics media eviscerates Dan Guerrero's hiring of Steve Alford as "outrageously inept and a massive fail."

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The Three Tenures

UCLA Athletics' The Three Tenures: The Unconcerned, overseeing The Incompetent, enabling The Vacuous.

UCLA Basketball: The Championship Formula

Or how #Daddyball will keep us out of the big games for years to come

Eyes on the Next Bruin Coach: Episode 2

Conference championship tournament week is well underway, and if #Daddyball isn't doing it for you, here are some other coaches to keep an eye on