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ESPN Claim: Stevens Turns Down Bruins

ESPN has just put up a story headlined "Brad Stevens Staying At Butler". There has been no announcement from Butler nor any new solid communications, but ESPN's never, ever wrong sources have told them so...

Another major college basketball program has tried but failed to land Brad Stevens.

A source close to the situation said Friday that Stevens will remain at Butler despite being the top target in UCLA's search for a new men's basketball coach.

The story goes on to cite previously reported texts to an ESPN reporter that Stevens' made yesterday, as well as this morning's tweet regarding loving Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Looking at the piece, there really is little new news pointing one way or the other, aside from some unnamed ESPN sources. But if you want to take three different positions on Stevens at UCLA in 15 hours, you need something to base it on.

Unnamed sources also close the article by claiming that Mark Gottfried and Lorenzo Romar are next down the UCLA list. Take your pick as to whether ESPN's 'sources' are hilariously clueless, or UCLA's administration is that pathetic (or some mix of the two).