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Stevens-Celtics Reported Contract Numbers Further Expose Guerrero’s Incompetence

Brad Stevens’ contact numbers in Boston further shed light on UCLA’s athletic director’s surreal incompetence.

Yeah, we know coach. Chianti is a **** up.
Yeah, we know coach. Chianti is a **** up.

Brad Stevens' contract numbers are out courtesy of Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (via SBN):

So let's compare the numbers:

Boston happens to be one of the most expensive cities to live in the US. By some account Beantown is the most expensive city to live in the US. An annual base salary of $3.67 million per year in Boston comes out to about $3.55 million per year in LA according to this CNNMoney COL calculator.

So basically if Chianti Dan had come up with a package for Stevens - arguably the hottest coaching commodity in college basketball - which was somewhere north of 900k per year higher than what he offered Stevens, we would have had a good shot. I think it is more than reasonable to assume that IF UCLA had a dynamic leader at the top of its AD who came to Stevens with a package of somewhere near $4 million per year, Bruins would have more than a realistic shot at Stevens.

Remember, heading into this year's coaching search we heard money was not going to be an issue. We hear from background chatter that the donors were lined up. It is now clear that Stevens was clearly looking around to leave Butler for a blue blood hoops destination. We have now heard from few sources that Stevens (including public reports linked in this blog) took the time to fly out to LA to talk to UCLA.

What also was going for UCLA that there was no other major program that was on the market for a coach. UCLA had the market all to itself. And yet, Chianti Dan Guerrero somehow managed to f**k this all up and saddle us with some BTRA who just lost to Harvard in the first round of the NCAA.

This is more than a colossal f**k up. If UCLA had competent leadership and Chancellor who genuinely cared about tradition of Coach Wooden's program, Chianti would have been fired on the spot, instead of being offered an obscene raise.

At this point, I don't know how self-respecting Bruin alums who closely follows this program - can stay invested in this program. At some point one has to wonder whether the Casey Wassermans of the world actually closely follow the program enough to know how much of a f**k up Chianti and stooges are and how their millions are being wasted through laziness and surreal incompetence.

Think about the electricity and excitement that would have gripped Bruin Nation if we had an AD who would have closed on a coach like Stevens. PUG would have been sold out in matter of days. Instead we are going to be stuck with at least two years of boring, listless and lifeless basketball program led by a reject from the Big-10 who so far has only been able secure a commitment from his own son (who didn't have any other scholarship offer) and some project from Texas Tech with serious academic baggage.

Does Chianti care? Not really he is chugging wine somewhere around the Amalfi coast while rest of us are left wondering just how long the greater UCLA alumni base will tolerate the slow degradation of the brand built by the greatest Coach in the game.

We are guessing the dead-enders the loyalists who know nothing better than to trot out weak, pathetic, LOLz spin on message boards will continue to make excuses for this loser (and attack this community) on other UCLA boards. But it'd be great if the entire Bruin fan base was united in making demand on getting this clown of Westwood. Because, at this point there should be no doubt left at this point that it was Chianti's total incompetence that cost us any shot of closing on Stevens.