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Report: Southern Cal Passed on a Football Coaching Candidate Due to a Rape Case

Reports indicate that Southern Cal recently passed on a candidate for the head coach of it’s football program due to a rape case – different from how Dan Guerrero handled the hiring process for UCLA’s basketball program.

Victor Decolongon

USA Today's national college football reporter Dan Wolken reports that Southern Cal recently passed over James Franklin as a candidate for it's football head coach because of a pending rape case in Vanderbilt.  From

[W]olken took a look at some of the downsides to hiring Franklin, including the pending rape case against several of his players at Vanderbilt.

"It's one reason why, frankly, I was surprised this went down," Wolken said.  "I know for a fact that that is the reason that he was not in the mix at Southern Cal.  They took a look at that situation, they knew about that situation, and he was not in the mix at all for that job primarily because of that."

So the Trojans didn't want to touch one of their head-coach candidates because of a rape case connected to his previous football program. Compare that to Dan Guerrero and Gene Block, who had no problem with hiring someone like Steve Alford.

Do those Trojans have a better moral compass than bureaucrats like Guerrero and Block, or is it the case that Haden and his staff are minimally competent enough to run a Google search to check up on someone's background unlike Chianti Dan?